Sopoteka: "Pianeta assenzio". Incontro dell'autore con Oksana Zabużko

They are looking for applicants all over Poland. You can earn a lot!

tomorrow (Saturday, May 21), recruitment for voluntary, essential military service will be conducted in many cities throughout Poland. You can earn a lot.

The Polish Army organizes picnics under the slogan “Join Voluntary Essential Military Service”. It is during them that it will be possible to apply for the service stationary.

To start recruitment, you must be an adult, have Polish citizenship, and not be punished for an intentional crime. You should also have at least basic education, good reputation and have the physical and mental ability to perform military service.

Voluntary military service is to last 12 months.

During this time, the candidate will undergo basic training, which will last 28 days. It ends with a military oath and the publication of a military book. For the next 11 months, specialist training will be carried out, combined with the performance of duties in a position in a military unit.

Voluntary military service. Earnings

Voluntary military service was introduced by the Act on the Defense of the Fatherland. The provisions contained in the act concern greater expenditure on the army, as well as the increase in the number of troops.

What does voluntary basic military service bring?

This is a salary at the level of professional soldiers from PLN 4560, as well as priority in recruitment for professional military service and priority of employment in public administration, after meeting the requirements for a given position.

The duration of voluntary service is also included in the employment period.

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