Chaidh luchd-sàrachaidh a bharrachd a chumail an grèim. Bidh na poileis a’ cur an grèim luchd-turais, luchd-ealain graffiti

Com tenir cura de la pell d’un nen?

The skin of children, especially infants and children up to the age of three, is very delicate, sensitive, and exposed to irritations and infections. Requires special care.

The basic elements of baby skin care include cleansing and moisturizing. Properly selected cosmetics help to retain water in the skin. They create a protective film on its surface that maintains the appropriate level of hydration and lubrication of the skin.

For the care of toddlers’ skin, you need to use special cosmetics for children, bought, for example, at They are designed for the youngest. They support the skin’s protective barrier and protect the skin against the harmful effects of external factors.

When choosing cosmetics, you should always pay attention to their composition. The shorter the ingredients list, the better. Poorly selected cosmetics adversely affect the functioning of the lipid protective layer, which causes excessive drying of the skin and damages the epidermal barrier.
Protection against harmful factors

Every day, the child’s skin should be protected against high and low temperatures, against UV rays, wind and high humidity, against abrasions and chafing. Babies, especially in the first months of life, should not be in the sun at all, and older children should not go out in the sun without proper protection – sunscreen and a hat or hat.


An important element of baby’s skin care is a bath. It should not take more than 10 minutes. The temperature of the bath water should be 33-35 degrees. When washing, avoid rubbing the skin, as it may additionally irritate it. During drying, you should also not rub the skin with a towel, it is best to gently apply the towel to the skin in points. Before drying, you can moisten your baby’s skin with olive oil.

During the bath, we have the opportunity to take a close look at the baby’s skin. Pay attention to any changes. Children often suffer from chafing caused by wearing a diaper. A way to prevent chafing is to change the baby’s clothes frequently and moisturize the skin properly. Dry skin is more prone to chafing and chafing. Use a nappy rash cream as a preventive measure.

Clothes made of natural materials

The baby’s skin should breathe freely. That is why you need to pay attention to the materials from which the clothes are made. Avoid artificial or synthetic fabrics, and choose natural fabrics such as cotton or bamboo. When washing children’s clothes, use delicate detergents specially designed for this purpose.

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